when SHOBMX decided to take on THE ICARUS LINE…

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when SHOBMX decided to take on THE ICARUS LINE…

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…shit went down. not actual shit, but like metaphysical email based shit. Joe Cardamone, lyricist, frontman and founding father of The Icarus Line kindly took time out from doing RELEVANT shit to answer a slew of lame-ass, slacker approved questions…. read about them below the rather awesome photographic he included in his email…. gospel!

SHOMBX –  Who are you, and what do you do?                                                                    JC – I am Joseph Cardamone. I do rock n roll music.

SHOBMX – How much does it bother you that most people associate TIL with that tour bus incident or Aaron trying to riff on Stevie Rays guitar first and the musical output of the band second?
JC – I don’t know if that is how the band’s name is associated really. Not these days really. It doesn’t matter to me how people know about my group though, i am secure in the fact that we make great records and perform til we throw up. 
SHOBMX-  The new record is coming out on Miracle Records (or so I heard)…. you’ve obviously had dealings with Travis in the past with Buddyhead. Whats he like as a boss?
JC – The newest record WILDLIFE is being released on Roar Scratch a label co founded by Annie Hardy (Giant Drag) and myself. There are other plans in the works with Miracle but they are top secret at the moment. Travis is a boss dude.

SHOBMX – Tiger, shark or ninja?
JC – Half Shark-Alligator-Half man 
SHOBMX – First record you bought / borrowed / stole?
JC – Probably Thriller by Michael Jackson 
SHOBMX – Lazy journo’s, bloggers and supposed “punks” label TIL as garage rock & punk. Kinda misses your band by a mile I feel. How is TIL defined by TIL, musically speaking?
 JC – Our identity has been really consistant over the years from my perspective. We are an Island. Garage and Punk have done so much for my musical development and gave me the ideals to become the artist that I am today. We are a Rock n Roll band that makes Rock N Roll as art. Not fine art always and  we a re not much of a party band.
SHOBMX – You have built up a rabid and loyal fanbase by constant touring and actually having a communique with your fans, yet TIL isn’t as well known as other CA bands. Is there ever a point where you wished TIL got caught up in a buzzband hype storm?
JC – Again, I think that there has been points when the band was at the forefront of the media, on magazine covers and television but we have often withdrew from those positions. We haven’t been willing to pander to what other people think will capture the larger medias attention. We do what we do un appologetically and without a second thought. This band wouldn’t be as special to its fans and followers if it were any other way. Yes it means we starve and take longer amounts of time to get records out but what is the other option? Change our sound? Kiss up to people who might be able to forward our musical career? i dont think so.
SHOBMX – You have a dinner party. You and five others…. name ‘em?
JC – Mother Father Brother Sister My Girl 
SHOBMX – Favorite collaborator? 
JC – Annie Hardy (Giant Drag singer / guitarist / pottymouth)

SHOBMX – dream collaborator?
JC – Sam Peckinpah to put me in a movie 
SHOBMX –  Plans for the rest of 2011?
JC – We are going to release a good deal of material this year and even tour a bunch if we can afford to. Probably will have to look to kickstarter or something to get that going. Let the people decide if they want to see us rip our selves apart on stage. Also I have been producing records at my studio in LA, so far I have worked with some great bands and have more lined up. I love helping people make better records….most of the time.
SHOBMX –  Whats the best rumor you heard about yourself or one of the band?
JC – Mostly other people taking credit for my songwriting. In the early days I gave everyone equal cuts of our publishing because i felt it was the right thing to do. To keep the band together. 
SHOBMX – Favorite tattoo?
JC – My dogs name APOLLO 
SHOBMX – Are you still in touch with departed members of TIL? Don Devore, Aaron North etc…. friends or enemies in high places?
JC – I am loosely in contact with those guys but everyone has their own worlds so its more to make sure everyone is still alive.

SHOBMX – you seen the blog? any opinion?
JC – yeah, obviously great taste in music 

SHOBMX – any awesome bands that need exposing in your opinion from the LA scene? rather than letting them get ass fucked by picthfork / fader etc.. let us do that for you…. promote, not ass fuck (obviously)
SHOBMX – Odd Future… discuss?
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