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It was a night where the hometown boys made good. After growing up in the shadow of the Palladium, after over a decade of playing every club in LA, after National, European and International tours, four full-length albums and more different lineups than even they could count…The Icarus Line finally got their turn on one of LA rock’s most venerated stages. And they killed. Photos by Ward Robinson.

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The Icarus Line Debut “King Baby” Video « Stuff N Such

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The Icarus Line Debut “King Baby” Video

Posted by Jordan Canio on March 31, 2012 · 1 Comment 

You could kick them in the balls and spit in their face, but the infamous Icarus Line just keeps on going and going. It’s animal instinct at this point. After wrapping up the first leg of supporting the Killing Joke in Europe, the band is currently back in the USA to lick their wounds and release some cool shit along the way. One of these cool things would have to be the new video forWildlife’s opening track, “King Baby.” And as expected, it’s a dark as shit.

King Baby – the Icarus Line


The video follows around frontman Joe Cardamone as he plays a Grim Reaper character who facilitates a lot of unpleasant deaths to various people. There’s people falling off roofs, kids ODing, and a pretty sweet shot of a burning guitar getting smashed. Fucked up? Yes. Cool? Oh yeah. It beats the last video for “We Sick” by a mile. The band is about to go back on tour with the Killing Joke as well as wrap up another record for release sometime soon. The wheels are turning. Anyways, check out a couple more of their videos below.


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